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Pairing of chinchillas

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Pairing of chinchillas 

Owners can decide to take them home in small wire cage with partition about $40 for cage alone and accessories may need to be added on first day. Alternatively, let Minnie continue pairing at $24 (2 chins) per night or $36 (3 chins) per night

You can take them home usually by second day of Minnie settling them down in a small cage

It’s on case by case basis depending on temperament of chinchillas and if you are confident to pair them at home with help from Minnie. Prior to pairing, Minnie will decide if chinchillas can be / should be paired and pairing is subject to  availability 

Owners will get an idea of the process of pairing 

“Matured males are capable of killing each other especially if they are not of good temperament or if you had paired wrongly. And after they had fought, it’s even more difficult. I suggest you don’t pair them. It’s not safe.”