Welcome to Minnie's Chinchillas. One stop shop for all Chinchilla lovers !

Opening Hours & Vacation Dates

We are a small business with young family. We take vacation from time to time to spend time with each other to continue to fuel our passion to serve our Chinchilla community. 
We are closed from 11 to 29th Aug for Vacation. Only online orders will be processed, NO self collection during these dates. There will be likely some delays in delivery during this period. Please stock up your supplies before our vacation.

Opening Hrs: Pls visit Facebook for our latest opening hours at https://www.facebook.com/MinnieChinsSG/ . Our standard opening hours are below:  

Saturday 1PM–6PM
Sunday 1PM–6PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday 1PM–6PM
Wednesday 1PM–6PM
Thursday 1PM–6PM
Friday 1PM–6PM