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Small Premium 2 tiered acrylic cage 24x 18x 22 inches with 1 tiled platform highest quality cage

Sale price $480.00 Regular price $550.00

60 cm x 45 cm x 55 cm (24x18x22 inches LxBXH 5mm thick best quality acrylic cage)

“We don't use chloroform to glue, we use German glue, very expensive but the joint very clear and last up to 20 years, Singapore use chloroform after 2 years very ugly.“

Tiled platform with maximum width to door

6 windows, wider mesh each for better ventilation in non air con 

clear front door which is bigger for easy cleaning 

 2 inch taller than 20 inch cage

0.5 cm gaps on mesh to stop poo, hay, bedding  and fur from flying out and less stress on aircon

strong non-rust mesh to withstand weight of up to 3 jumbos n cooling house 

5mm acrylic sheet to prevent cracks when chinchillas do side jumps

tiled platform to increase more cool spots and better hygiene 

boxed up to keep surroundings clean

clearer view of chins

more comfort and no escape of smaller chins

boxed in cleanliness

Can fit 3 chins

Screws, binder clips and ruler for jolly house given 

Fits into back seat of a car.