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Oxbow critical care – Apple Banana CC & Fine Grind Papaya CC new shipment after Sept 24

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 All mine are in aircon shop so  will be very fresh  ❤️
For undernourished chinchillas, before and after surgery, underweight chinchillas, traumatized chinchillas, constipated or having diarrhoea, preparation before long journey or flight. 
method:U can either spoon feed or use syringe but u must hold her if she doesn’t want to cooperate. 

 Critical care fine grind papaya flavour is available at 100 g in sealed packs from USA. Expiry Sept 2025. It’s a recovery food and is easily picked up by syringes as mixture is fine when fine powder is mixed with warm water. Great for small pets which require assisted feeding after operation or poo is getting smaller. #singaporechinchillalovers #singaporerabbits #singaporeguinepigs #minniechinchilla