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Minnie's Famous Natural Apple Sticks sticks washed, boiled and baked (thin sticks now)

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Due to increasing shipping fees, there will be no more bundle deals for this. šŸŒ¹

Esp from 2024, itā€™s very challenging as my apple sticks are still cheapest around for quality, shipping fees n other costs have increased significantly.Ā 

Washed, Boiled with rose buds, rose hips Ā and chamomile Ā and bakedĀ 

1. Washing removes all the dirt and contaminants that maybe on it.

2. Boiling kills all harmful substances and parasites that could found on the wood.Ā 

3. Baking dries out the wood and further ensures cleaned wood

4. Chinchilllas can bite till whole stick is gone.

5. Definitely value for money. Pl look after your chinchillasā€™ dental health.Ā 

Ā Sometimes there are white stuff on sticks due to flowers that were boiled sticking to sticks during baking. Not mouldy šŸ‘