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Minnie’s Timothy Hay Cakes with broad spectrum and free bottle “Atas hay cookies”

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Irresistible to chinchillas. No sugar, no fruits, no additives/ preservatives. Tested on my chinchillas and all of them love it! Make sure you store in cool place and make sure it’s eaten after 3 days! Or break into half so that it does not get coated with saliva and turn mouldy. Discard if dirty/ mouldy. Sealed in airtight container and kept in aircon shop. Very small quantities made to ensure freshness. Usually I give half piece of big cake to each chinchilla and it disappears within an hour. Can last up to 6 months as long as still dry and kept in cool environment. If u take out from fridge, open container after half hour to prevent condensation on cookies. 

baked regularly and if not sold within a month will be consumed by chosen chinchillas