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Kiln dried aspen shavings / bedding best quality big flakes dust free

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Cost of aspen shavings has increased three times within a year. Plus 9% which I don’t charge. Apologies for the increased prices as I have no control over it.
Excellent highest grade quality aspen shavings safe for all pets and highly comfortable for use. No dust. Kiln-dried pine shavings are a popular choice among chinchilla enthusiasts. It has a very long and safe history of being used with chinchillas and other sensitive animals, and it's inexpensive! Can be chewed! It’s hard wood! 
No chemicals added! Just kiln dried -
-dust free, super absorbent, heat sterilized, better bedding naturally and nature and sustainable source❤️
Most natural and safest. It’s ok for them to ingest. 
Line Pee pan n discard when wet. Or pick out soiled portions daily, refill and discard while tray of shavings after 3 to 4 days. Some people prefer to fill whole area of cage floor with shavings and replace weekly. 
Each Pee pan I fill about 70g

Estimate Guide Per chinchilla: 1 kg : 2 weeks 

2 kg : 1 month

5 kg: 2.5 months 

10 kg: 5 months 


“My aircon  had chemical wash but was choked after 1.5 months bec of pine bedding. With aspen, I don’t see the chokage. Happy with it! “

”My chinchilla has no more experience of seizures after we switched to aspen”