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American Pet Diner APD Gold Timothy Hay semi soft 06/2025 highly palatable/ popular batch

Sale price $60.00 Regular price $75.00

Price increase from 21 March 2023

$70 RRP for 5 lbs

I’ll sell at $56 lowest allowed

Price increase from 25 Feb 2024

$75 RRP for 5 lbs

ill sell at $60 lowest allowed


For delivery try to order more than 1 box. U can include other items. I pay $11 for courier. 

Apd gold and Alfalfa hay will be retailing at $75 per box of 5 lbs. The lowest I am allowed to sell per box is $60 wef mid Feb 2024. 

1 kg will be $30
Kept in 24 h aircon shop. Freshest in Singapore. I do not mind spending a lot of money to keep my products fresh and pest free. 20C to 21C at all times. 
Do not keep hay in store room nor airtight containers. Just tie in plastic bag and keep in cool place. 
Chinchillas, rabbits and guinea pigs love it! 

Hay texture differs due to harvesting time. 

All my chinchillas take apd gold. They have other things to gnaw on. You worry only if they have only hay to gnaw😆