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F10SC 200 ml Veterinary Disinfectant concentrate (Safe for All Pets) 1 ml syringe foc Expiry Oct 2025/ Aug 2026

Regular price $45.00

Concentrated. 2 ml of concentrate can be diluted to 500ml water and use as spray disinfectant, hand sanitizer, cage cleaning or wiping on pets. 100 ml bottle can be diluted to 50 bottles x 500 ml meaning 25000 ml or 25 litres in total. 

Spray bottles in 500 ml with 1:250 dilution costs $18

F10 Ready To Use disinfectant is formulated in compliance with international regulations and standards for disinfectants used to inactivate coronaviruses (COVID-19). It is safe for use on hands as a sanitiser and can also be used as a surface disinfectant.

It is non-toxic (pet safe).
It is non-staining (safe for households).
It is non-corrosive (perfect cleaning agent for cages).

 This is the conc F10 when diluted can be used as disinfectant, sanitizer, for healing of wounds and any skin problem. Put in diffuser or mist gun to prevent spread of viruses including Covid. Good in nebulizer too. Govt gave out this sanitizer during CB.