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Chinchillas: P022 Pink White male chinchilla for sale big size

Regular price $2,900.00

  1. Very good conformation, size, fur color and fur quality. Good temperament. 
  2. Date of birth 13 August 2023
  3. 425g on 4 November 2023
  4. 625g on 4 January 2024
  5. 725g on 26 April 2024

AVS licence number:AS19D00018

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Non refundable deposit 
Quality pedigreed Grade A USA  bloodline. No history of illnesses in their lineage and carefully bred to produce top range. Can live up to 20 years if they are cared for with meticulous attention. Reservation at $300. 
Walk in welcome. Certificate of authenticity and lineage card will be given. You must commit to give all chinchillas 24 hours aircon. I reserve the right not to sell to home breeders without breeding license from AVS or impulsive buyers/ unsuitable home environments that pose a danger to chinchillas’ well being. Cheaper than some non pedigreed in Sg. Rest assured they are reasonably priced considering you will get guidance, after sales help and priority in boarding during peak periods. 

Learn up to a month from me. Minimum 3 visits to interact with chosen chinchilla. Average price of Package is $940 only. Thank you for improving the quality of chinchillas in Singapore. Do not compare my prices with other shops’. Do your homework and see the difference in quality although you may pay about same price if not lower at my shop. Each chinchilla is definitely worth the commitment put in.