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Authentic Chilldust Bath Dust Powder ECBC standard

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Imported directly from

Hess Pumice Products, Inc
100 Hess Drive
Malad City, Idaho 83252
New shipment of prepackaged chilldust by Hess Pumice USA. Higher costs of repackaged chilldust from USA but I have kept prices almost same as before 

 Sunset Chins: 

“Available commercial dust comparison, 2021.

-Blue Cloud - from the Blue Cloud mine in California (now defunct) is still for sale in very limited quantities, Tiffany's Chinchillas sells it.

-Sweet PDZ is a Zeolite and can be picked up at most farm stores. It comes in granular and powdered. I prefer granular myself.

-Fuller's Earth based - I am seeing a lot of these right now, they mix this clay base with a little sand or something else. It is harmless but really dries out the ears and feet.

-Blue Sparkle - silicate based and sparkly! This dust is one of the oldest and has been around and in use 70+ years. It can be purchased in bulk in 50lb bags.

-Chill Dust - Ground pumice from the Hess Pumice mine in Idaho. It can be purchased from their website or from the mine in 50-500 pound bags.