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Boarding per chinchilla per day

Sale price $12.00 Regular price $20.00

Mondays pick up n drop off is between 10 am to 1 pm as it’s my off day. Thank you. 🙏

Payment before/ on first day of boarding 

photos and videos available on request

You can visit your chinchillas too

Just bring your chinchilla in a carrier and label it. Bring along his/ her favorite toy (optional)

Herbs, hay cookies, apple sticks and probiotics will be on the house! 

Boarding is now regulated by AVS and hence additional steps have to be taken care of in adherence to SOP approved by AVS. I will be prioritizing boarding for chinchillas bought from me. Buying at least 1 chinchilla from me gives you privilege of boarding space. 

Boarding is currently reserved for chinchillas  from my shop because of increasing demand. Regular customers will be given priority too if I have availability of cages. I reserve the right to accept only healthy chinchillas for boarding. I’ll also take the opportunity to check on guest chinchillas. 

If you are giving it Apd gold or Mazuri, there’s no need to bring any, Just your chin and carrier will do. Please do not bring any severely sick chinchilla. Freak or natural death will not be my responsibility if your chinchilla is sickly/ old/ very hyperactive. I’ll keep cages as safe as possible. ❤️

If your chinchilla is sick, I will inform you and bring it to a vet. Fees will be borne by you. Will update you beforehand. I will not be held responsible due to unfortunate accidents/ deaths despite my meticulous care.

Do not bargain over boarding fees as I charge low rate for 24 h aircon, clean environment and best care. Elsewhere it’s $20 or more according to my customers. Dust bath will be given regularly but not daily unless I see a need to. 

Boarding Eg 10 Feb to 14 Feb is considered 4 days not 5 days.