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Adjoining 2 x 2 tier acrylic cages 60 x 45 x 110 cm total height (without accessories

Sale price $950.00 Regular price $1,200.00

White base (heavier overall cage) with adjoining holes ( option to close up holes). More expensive to make than original version because of white acrylic base and 2 square openings too.  Cost of 2 cages + Cost of 2 holes + white base means this is much more expensive.

This is the price of 2 small cages plus $20 for holes. The white base additional cost I will not charge. 

comes with 2 squares for covering holes, 3 reinforced pieces to secure the squares with 12 sets of screws 

My cages are very lasting bec the glue is highest grade and materials all high end. Dun compromise on quality