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Pairing of chinchillas

Sale price $50.00 Regular price $200.00

Both chinchillas are not from me. And one or 2 days with me at additional $20 daily. Take them home after that and monitor them with my guidance until they are bonded. If they are not compatible I will inform you. Book early and you may need to wait for me to be free to help you. I’ll ensure they are taken best care of. Make sure they eat well, poo well and are reasonably active after pairing. Thank you for your trust. 

I do not entertain pairing of non pedigreed for the sake of breeding even if one in the pair is pedigreed  as we do not know the underlying health issues that may exist in non show quality. Also 2 matured males above 1 year old may  not be compatible and have potential to kill one another especially if temperament is not good. I only pair my chinchillas which come with temperament 1. Then again if not suitable, I’ll inform you. Either you separate them or I give u back your deposit and save the chinchillas from possible fights / deaths. 2 young males may be possible to pair but u must not use tall cage