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Kiln Dried Wooden Furniture/ Accessories

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Kiln dried from distributor. Made in Thailand. No paint or nails. Just wooden plugs and non toxic glue to link pieces together like jigsaw . Long lasting. Please check regularly for mold built up, urine stains or discarded food. Your pets’ health is your responsibility 

Hello Minnie,

Non - Toxic : no heavy metals, borax, acid or any harmful ingredient.

No smell and not hot glue. Also when making… if glue come out we remove by sandpaper. The glue we use also accepted by chinchilla owners from many country.

One thing of this kind of glue is >> washable = it can’t resist if soaking in water. Do not soak in the water. Better to clean with wet wipes or using sandpaper to remove the stain.

The step or ledge without assembly can be clean by water then dry in the sun.

my supplier use a named brand non-toxic glue. During manufacturing process, we cured for 12 hrs before sanding out excess glue. It is not starch, we can advise that it is safe for chinchilla regular usage / chew..

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