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Grooming and 2 days boarding including removing knots and tangles for chinchillas bought from me

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pic is that of RPAs which require more attention and time. Need to stop if they are stressed. 
1) Will groom chinchillas which I looked after before. 

2) Will remove tangles / hardened clumps of fur without too much stress on your chinchilla.

3) Will keep knots for your keepsake.

4) Will update you on progress.

5) Will do my best to remove stains too.

6) 2 days boarding. If need extra day, I will inform you.

7) Limited to 1 chinchilla a day as I’ll most likely do it in the mornings or when I am free during shop hours.

8) Boarding means if a chinchilla is not well, I will inform you and we will discuss if it should go to the vet and fees will be borne by you.

9) I will not be responsible for any deaths despite my care. 

10) Try to prevent big tangles by removing tiny ones as you interact and touch it especially near bum area. Do not let it build up into a big mass. 

11) If a chinchilla has fungus, ringworm, please take it to the vet instead. Or get dark Arun from me and I’ll guide you how to treat it.